Enabling Physicians to make Personalized Treatment Recommendations for Cancer Patients

Avant Diagnostics, Inc. ("AVANT")(AVDX) is a healthcare data generating technology company that specializes in biomarker tests that are being planned or developed in multiple areas of oncology.  Avant provides personalized medicine data through its TheraLink® assays, initially for breast cancer, to assist clinical oncologists in identifying likely responders, for over 70 FDA-approved drug treatment regimens. Avant is the leading developer of phospho-proteomic technologies for measuring the activation status of key signaling pathways, with applications across multiple cancer types, including breast, colorectal and pancreatic, that are instrumental in the development of companion diagnostics for molecular-targeted therapies.  Theralink®, was developed to empower community physicians and clinical trial investigators with actionable information to make time sensitive treatment decisions for their patients. Theralink® was designed to inform physicians which treatments are likely to be effective for their patients at any given moment in time, and also identify which treatments are unlikely to be effective. This information has the potential to improve treatment efficacy and reduce side effects by foregoing ineffective therapy.

Enabling Early and Late Stage Drug Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Avant Diagnostics’ Pharma Services Business will help drug companies accelerate their drug discovery programs and facilitate development of companion diagnostics. Avant’s data generating technologies will also:

  • Stratify subjects entering clinical trials (reduces trial costs with smaller cohorts)
  • Monitor on and off target drug effects (regulatory filings)
  • Quantify phosphoproteome to identify activation of resistance or compensatory pathways post-treatment
  • Evaluate potential proteomic markers for combination therapies
  • Repurpose existing therapies for new indications (off-patent drugs and market expansion)

Cancer Tumor Biomarker Profiling: Driving Innovation in Personalized Medicine

At Avant Diagnostics, our approach is based on more than 10 years of research and development.  In our experience, we have found that genetic information alone is insufficient to make patient specific treatment recommendations. Our phospho-proteomic approach, which focuses on measuring the quantity and intensity of drug target activation in the tumor tissue following standard biopsy procedures, exploits our understanding of drug-receptor interaction that is the driver of treatment response . Our advanced technology is being developed to guide physicians toward therapies that are most likely to lead to positive responses to treatment. Our large panel of markers targeted at already approved FDA drugs, as well as certain investigational therapies, makes Theralink® an invaluable tool for oncologists and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Market Opportunity: Cancer Biomarkers Market Expected to Reach $33B by 2025

According to Grand View Research, the market for cancer biomarkers is expected to grow from $10.3B in 2016 to $33.7B by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6%. The market is currently comprised primarily of genetic biomarkers that have good predictive value on a population basis, but limited value on an individual patient basis. Proteomic markers represent a growing segment of the cancer biomarker market, and offer the promise to improve individual patient outcomes based upon the individual patient's tumor proteomic profile.

Within the proteomic cancer biomarker category, phosphoprotein analysis represents a uniquely positioned asset class that can more robustly predict treatment outcomes based upon the molecular mechanisms driving tumor growth and treatment resistance. As such, the Company believes it has the potential to be the market leader in this phospho-proteomic category.

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