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Avant Diagnostics Inc. seeks applicants for a Histotechnologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist/Research Specialist position. A publicly-held cancer diagnostics company, with unique intellectual property in the Reverse Phase Protein Array field, is opening their RPPA lab in Golden, Colorado and seeks technologists to implement and perform clinical and research laboratory operations.

This is a key position within the laboratory that will interface with scientists, physicians, laboratory staff, and administrative employees in support of the company’s mission. Responsibilities include tissue sectioning, laser capture microdissection, immunohistochemistry, cellular microscopy, quality control, and research and development activities commensurate with level of training. The qualified candidate will have knowledge of cellular biology, histology, and pathology as they apply to human/animal clinical testing. A Bachelor's Degree in biological science or related field, or equivalent, is required. Histotechnologist (HTL, ASCP) or Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist (MLS/MT, ASCP) certification preferred.  Proven ability to perform histology laboratory techniques, with excellent skills in oral and written English communication is required. Proficiency in the use of personal computer, word-processing applications, and spreadsheet applications required. Candidate will have demonstrated knowledge of regulatory agency (CLIA) and accrediting body (CAP) standards and requirements. Candidate will have demonstrated skills in organizing, prioritizing, and problem solving. The candidate will have demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision and utilize sound decision making skills.

Responsibilities include integrating and applying science’s knowledge to troubleshoot and perform procedures for cutting paraffin and frozen sections, staining H & E and/or special stains on animal or human tissue specimens. Accurately handle, evaluate and solve problems related to the collection and processing of tissue specimens for proteomic analysis. Modify and validate procedures and methodologies for enzyme histochemistry, immunofluorescence, and immunohistochemistry. Communicate to maintain team knowledge, and train and mentor other personnel in the field of histotechnology. Develop, test, implement, evaluate, and select new techniques, procedures, instruments and methods in terms of their usefulness and practicality as they relate to the laboratory's personnel, equipment, space and budgetary resources. Perform administrative functions and maintain laboratory notebook records to ensure optimum laboratory operation. Perform quality control and identify quality improvement initiatives to ensure optimum laboratory operation. Participate in professional growth opportunities to enhance personal and team development.


  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or health science, plus three years of relevant experience.  Or Master's degree in a basic or health science and two years of relevant experience.
  • HTL (ASCP) or MLS/MT (ASCP) certification preferred.
  • Two years of experience in a histopathology laboratory (clinical, veterinary, industry or research) within the past 5 years. Routine Histology: The applicant should have experience in ALL of the following: Fixation, Embedding/Microtomy, Staining, Selection of proper control material; Titration of immunologic reagents. Quality Assurance: The applicant should have participated in Quality Assurance related to all of the following: Specimen fixation, processing, microtomy; Reagent selection, preparation, storage, disposal; Method selection, validation, documentation; Quality control; Safety.
  • Experience with laser capture microdissection preferred.
  • Ability to work with more complex biological laboratory procedures with an understanding of emerging technologies and methodologies. Must have strong mental and visual concentration. Good hand/eye coordination.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with emphasis on communication.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, and database entry.

Specific examples of work (duties):

  • Collects, prepares, analyzes, dissects, and evaluates specimens and/or tissue cultures.
  • Operates laboratory equipment; performs laboratory instrument maintenance.
  • Performs a variety of assays, tests, and studies in a high-complexity cell biology laboratory. Operates sensitive and highly complex laboratory equipment and/or perform computer applications.
  • Performs calculations to complete research test results; collates data; performs statistical analysis of lab results and maintains notes and log or computer database; performs basic procedures for computer assisted data analysis.
  • Calibrates, set up, and repairs laboratory equipment.
  • Devises methods for testing in the laboratory.
  • Maintains highly detailed records of the stages of development of tests and the final results thereof.
  • Prepares stock chemical solutions.
  • Maintains inventory and orders supplies.
  • Performs specimen quality control.
  • Communicates directly with Pathologist, Laboratory Director, and administrative officers regarding all aspects of laboratory processes.
  • Participates in training sessions and workshops.
  • Maintains safe and efficient procedures in the laboratory; handles hazardous waste.
  • Provides instruction and training in histology/immunohistochemistry.
  • Performs library research and assists in the preparation of grants, client proposals, and reports.

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