Theralink® Tumor Biomarker Platform

The Theralink® assay technology uses reverse phase protein array (RPPA) technology to measure the quantity, activity, and downstream signaling pathway activation levels for receptors of FDA-approved and investigational drugs in order to determine whether or not a prescribed medication is likely to be effective in treating the cancer of a specific patient at that moment in time.

This highly sensitive analysis empowers physicians to make better treatment decisions by giving a greater degree of certainty as to whether a specific drug will work in treating a specific patient, as well as informing a physician whether a chemotherapy treatment is unlikely to be effective.  This is also effective in patient selection in biopharmaceutical’s clinical trials. The information potentially allows the patient to forego the devastating side effects of cytotoxic treatments that are unlikely to deliver clinically meaningful benefits, while guiding physicians to prescribing treatments likely to yield maximum results.

Theralink® measures phosphorylated proteins in tumor tissue. Phosphorylated proteins represent active targets for drugs.